The 6 islands of Hawaii

Hawaii – where the Aloha spirit will infect you as soon as you land. Made up of a collection of six main islands sprinkled in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is back on the radar for Australians as a great holiday destination. There’s a lot you can do to tick off your bucket list – much more than catching a wave or sitting on a white sandy beach. From seeing red-hot lava flow from an active volcano, to swimming with dolphins and green sea turtles, to trekking through Jurassic Park like rainforest, Hawaii has something for everyone and is a great place for a multi-generational holiday. Make sure you do some island hopping and to truly experience this fantastic destination, spoil yourself with a helicopter ride along the jagged rainforest covered cliffs.


This is where most international flights land and is probably what most people associate Hawaii with. Here you’ll find Honolulu and world famous Waikiki beach, the surfing mecca of the North Shore and the memorials of Peal Harbour. Take a hike up to Diamond Head for fabulous views back down over Waikiki.

Hawaii – The Big Island

The Big Island (yes it is the biggest) is actually the youngest in this archipelago and is still growing as molten lava continues to ooze out of Kilauea vocano. Take a hike through Volcanoes National Park or drive to the Crater Rim and witness steaming vents and lava tubes. On the Big Island you can also ride horses though stunning countryside or snorkel with manta rays, and if that all gets a bit much, simply relax on one of the black sand beaches or sail along the Kona coast.


Maui – also known as the Valley Isle, for its deep gorges and stunning jagged scenery, offers a plentitude of activities. Drive along the scenic winding highway to Hana, take a boat tour and spot a Humpback whale or watch the sunset on Haleakala.


On Kauai you’ll simply want to unwind and absorb all that mother-nature has to offer. Hike to cascading waterfalls, kayak down a river or visit the Waiema Canyon (known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) for spectacular views of deep gorges and rugged outcrops.


There are no traffic lights on Molokai and this just about says it all. If you want to surrender your soul to nature and soothe a busy mind, then a visit to Molokai is a must. Watch as the locals go about their daily life fishing or caring for the land, unhindered by the pressures of modern influences. It’s a place where the produce is about as fresh as it can get. Straight from the sea or the farm.


On Lanai you can choose the sea or the mountains, and of course both is always an option too. Choose the mountains and you’ll find a lunar landscape – extinct lava flows and windswept rocks have been eroded to create a mysterious topography. Choose the sea and you can bask on secluded sandy beaches and snorkel with colourful sea life.

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