Changes to rules for passengers concerning electronic devices

Travellers from global airports heading to the UK, USA and Canada are required to demonstrate that their electronic and battery powered devices switch on including telephones, laptops, tablets and e-books. This means charging your devices before arriving at an airport. All passengers will still be required to follow instructions for electronic devices for take-off and landing.

Please read the below frequently asked questions related to this recently implemented security measure:

Will all baggage be screened for electronic devices?
Screening only applies to hand and carry-on baggage.

Who will be doing the screening? Where?
Emirates Group Security will be screening travellers at the boarding gates for flights departing
to destinations in the UK, US or Canada.

What if I can’t power up my electronic device?
You will not be allowed to board your flight, unless you choose to leave the device behind.
These regulations are specified by the authorities of the three countries. There are no facilities
to keep devices in storage.

Does this mean that we need more pre-boarding time for flights heading to these countries?
No. Current pre-boarding times are as normal for Emirates departures.

The information above has been provided by Emirates.

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