What stays in Vegas? Great memories.

Vegas. Does it appeal or not? The bright lights, over-the-top themed hotels and drive-thru weddings are not for everyone, but like moths to a flame, there’s something about this wild and crazy destination that is strangely attractive. Below are a bunch of tours and activities that cover just about every taste, so whether you think you’ll love it or you’ll hate it, grab a bunch of friends, put it on your bucket list, and find out for yourself.

Spectacular Spectacular

Las Vegas is now home to some of the best live shows in the world. From Celine Dion to Cirque de Soleil and a changing line-up of super stars, magicians, comedians and acrobats, Las Vegas has it all. No matter when you go, you’ll be sure to find a spectacular performance with all the bells and whistles and more.

Tour the strip

Take a bus or walking tour to explore the strip. Stop at the famous Bellagio fountains, cruise down a faux-canal at the Venetian, dine atop the mini Eiffel tower in Paris, witness a volcano show at the Mirage or see ships in battle at Treasure Island. Your mind will boggle at what these themed hotels have created.

Graceland Chapel – Loving You Elvis Wedding Service

Feeling spontaneous? Why not get married or renew your wedding vows with Elvis at Graceland Chapel. Sure it’s super tacky, but isn’t that also what makes it so cool? For just US$199 Elvis will walk the bride down the isle and sing two songs. Now that’s a bargain!

Shooting Ranges

Ever wanted to fire a machine gun? Well now you can. At Battlefield Vegas, you can pick your weapon of choice from the trenches of World War I all the way to current operations in the Middle East. Their extensive range of shooting machines will beat your Xbox any day.

Shop til you drop

Shopping malls, discount outlets, designer boutiques and more. You can shop til you drop and then shop again. After a shopping trip in Vegas, you’ll probably need to buy another suitcase for your journey home.

Racing car school

Feel the need for speed? In Vegas you’ve got the opportunity to drive a very fast car on a racetrack. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan – take your pick. Learn to drive one yourself, or get the ultimate full-speed drifting experience with a professional racing car driver taking you for a ride.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The deep fissure in the earth’s crust that is the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and it’s not to be missed if you’re over that way. There’s a plethora of options to get you there – from self-drive to helicopter and everything in between. While you’re there, make sure you do the daring Grand Canyon Skywalk – a glass floored platform that juts out into the air. It’s not for those afraid of heights!

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